typedef struct t_frame {               // Descriptor of frame or tab window
  // These variables must be filled before frame window is created.
  wchar_t        name[SHORTNAME];      // Name used to save/restore position
  int            herebit;              // Must be 0 for plugins
  int            mode;                 // Combination of bits TABLE_xxx
  t_block        *block;               // Pointer to block tree
  t_menu         *menu;                // Menu descriptor (tab window only)
  int            scheme;               // Colour scheme used by window
  // These variables are initialized by frame creation function.
  HWND           hw;                   // Handle of MDI container or NULL
  HWND           htab;                 // Handle of tab control
  WNDPROC        htabwndproc;          // Original WndProc of tab control
  int            capturedtab;          // Tab captured on middle mouse click
  HWND           hstatus;              // Handle of status bar or NULL
  t_block        *active;              // Active table (has focus) or NULL
  t_block        *captured;            // Block that captured mouse or NULL
  int            captureoffset;        // Offset on mouse capture
  int            capturex;             // Mouse screen X coordinate on capture
  int            capturey;             // Mouse screen Y coordinate on capture
  wchar_t        title[TEXTLEN];       // Frame or tab window title
} t_frame;

Describes frame window (parent with several resizable child tables, like CPU) or tab collection (parent with tab control that displays one of the several child tables, like Search).


UNICODE string, at most SHORTNAME wide characters long. If mode includes any of the TABLE_SAVExxx flags, it must be set to the unique name of the section in the main initialization file that will be used to save the position and appearance of the window
Plugins must set this member to 0
Properties of the frame or tab collection, combination of bits TABLE_xxx: similar to that used by tables:
TABLE_STATUS - container window gets status bar hstatus at the bottom
TABLE_SAVEPOS - when frame or tab window is destroyed, its size, position and layout are saved to the main initialization file (section [name]) and are automatically restored next time the window is created
TABLE_GRAYTEXT - grays all tables within the frame window except for the frame with focus and frames marked as TABLE_NOGRAY
Pointer to the linked tree of structures of type t_block that describes layout of the frame window or tabs within the tab collection. See description here
For tab collections, pointer to the array of type t_menu that describes pop-up menu associated with the tabs (invoked when user right-clicks the tab control), or NULL if such menu is not necessary
Index of the colour scheme (0..NSCHEMES-1) used by the window
Handle of the frame or tab parent window, or NULL if window is not displayed
Handle of the tab control in the tab window
Handle of the optional status bar at the bottom of the parent window
UNICODE string, title of the frame or tab parent window
Used internally by OllyDbg

See also:
Frames and tab collections, menustables, t_block, t_menu, Createframewindow(), Createtabwindow()