HWND Createframewindow(t_frame *pf,wchar_t *icon,wchar_t *title);

Creates new frame window. Returns handle of the parent window on success and NULL on error.


(in) Pointer to the structure of type t_frame, descriptor of the frame window. Following members of this structure must be initialized before the call: name, herebit (must be zeroed), mode, block, menu (set to NULL) and scheme
(in) Optional pointer to the UNICODE string, name of the icon resource in the main OllyDbg file or NULL. Plugins should use "ICO_PLUGIN" or (with the corresponding care) one of the following names:  "ICO_B", "ICO_C", "ICO_D", "ICO_E", "ICO_H", "ICO_L", "ICO_M", "ICO_N", "ICO_P", "ICO_R", "ICO_S", "ICO_T", "ICO_W", "ICO_QUEST", "ICO_RTRACE"
(in) Pointer to the UNICODE string at most TEXTLEN wide characters long, title of the frame window

Return values:

Returns handle of the parent window (MDI container or pop-up window) on success and NULL on error

See also:
Frames, t_frame, Getactiveframe(), Updateframe()