Keeps information about the CIL (.NET) command disassembled by Ndisasm(). Which fields of t_netasm will be filled depends on the parameter mode (combination of flags DA_xxx) passed to Ndisasm().

typedef struct t_netasm {              // Disassembled .NET CIL command
  ulong          ip;                   // Address of first command byte
  ulong          size;                 // Full length of command, bytes
  ulong          cmdtype;              // Type of command, N_xxx
  ulong          cmdsize;              // Size of command, bytes
  ulong          opsize;               // Size of operand, bytes, or 0 if none
  ulong          nswitch;              // Size of following switch table, dwords
  ulong          jmpaddr;              // Single jump/call destination or 0
  ulong          descriptor;           // Descriptor (xx)xxxxxx or 0
  ulong          dataaddr;             // Address of pointed object/data or 0
  int            errors;               // Set of DAE_xxx
  ulong          optype;               // Operand type, set of A_xxx
  wchar_t        optext[TEXTLEN];      // Operand, decoded to text
  wchar_t        dump[TEXTLEN];        // Hex dump of the command
  wchar_t        result[TEXTLEN];      // Fully decoded command as text
  wchar_t        comment[TEXTLEN];     // Comment that applies to whole command
} t_netasm;


Address of the disassembled CIL command, repeats parameter ip in the call to Ndisasm()
Full length of the disassembled command, bytes
Type of the disassembled command as a combination of flags N_xxx:
N_CMDTYPE - mask to extract type of command, one of the following:
  N_CMD - ordinary command (none of listed below)
  N_JMP - unconditional jump
  N_JMC - conditional jump
  N_CALL - call
  N_RET - return (also return from exception)
  N_SWITCH - switch, followed by nswitch cases. Note that in this case jmpaddr is set to 0
  N_PREFIX - prefix, not a standalone command
  N_DATA - decoded as data
  N_BAD - bad or unrecognized command
N_POPMASK - mask to extract number of pops from the stack, one of the following:
  N_POP0 - pops no arguments (default)
  N_POP1 - pops 1 argument
  N_POP2 - pops 2 arguments
  N_POP3 - pops 3 arguments
  N_POPX - pops variable number of arguments
- mask to extract number of arguments pushed into the stack, one of the following:
  N_PUSH0 - pushes no data (default)
  N_PUSH1 - pushes 1 argument
  N_PUSH2 - pushes 2 arguments
  N_PUSHX - pushes 0 or 1 arguments

Size of the command, without operand
Size of the operand, bytes, or 0 if command contains no operand
Number of switch cases that follow command. Each case is 1 doubleword long 0x0F as part of the command
Single jump or call destination, or 0 if command is neither jump nor call
Descriptor in (xx)xxxxxx format
Address of the pointed object or data, or 0 if there is none
List of errors detected by Ndisasm() or DAE_NOERR if no errors were detected. Several flags may be set at once:
DAE_BADCMD - unknown or unrecognized command
DAE_CROSS - command is longer than memory block passed to Ndisasm()
DAE_INTERN - internal error
Type of the operand, a combination of flags A_xxx:
A_ARGMASK - mask to extract type of argument
  A_NONE - no operand
  A_OFFSET - 32-bit offset from next command
  A_BYTEOFFS - 8-bit offset from next command
  A_METHOD - 32-bit method descriptor
  A_SIGNATURE - 32-bit signature of call types
  A_TYPE - 32-bit type descriptor
  A_FIELD - 32-bit field descriptor
  A_STRING - 32-bit string descriptor
  A_TOKEN - 32-bit token descriptor
  A_INDEX1 - 8-bit immediate index constant
  A_INDEX2 - 16-bit immediate index constant
  A_SWCOUNT - 32-bit immediate switch count
  A_INT1S - 8-bit immediate signed integer constant
  A_INT4 - 32-bit immediate integer constant
  A_INT8 - 64-bit immediate integer constant
  A_FLOAT4 - 32-bit immediate floating point constant
  A_FLOAT8 - 64-bit immediate floating point constant
  A_NOLIST - 8-bit list following no. prefix
  A_ALIGN - 8-bit alignment following unaligned. command

Operand, decoded as a zero-terminated UNICODE string, filled only if flag DA_TEXT was set
Command dump as a zero-terminated UNICODE string, filled only if flag DA_DUMP was set
Disassembled command as a zero-terminated UNICODE string, filled only if flag DA_TEXT was set
Comment or error message as a zero-terminated UNICODE string, filled only if flag DA_OPCOMM was set

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