int Getanalysercomment(struct t_module *pmod,ulong addr,wchar_t *comment,int len);

Given memory address in the contents of the debugged application, returns comment (of type NM_ANALYSE) added by the Analyser to this address.


(in) Pointer to the descriptor of the module that contains address addr, or NULL as a request to find the module automatically. Treat this parameter as a hint and supply this pointer only if module is already known.
(in) Address of the memory location in the contents of the debugged application
(out) UNICODE string of length at least len wide characters that receives comment with resolved control fields, see explanation below
(in) Length, in wide characters, of the buffer pointed to by comment


Comments produced by the Analyser may contain memory addresses. As modules are relocatable, these addresses are saved as offsets to the base of the module in form <+XXXX>, where XXXX is the offset encoded as a hexadecimal text string. Getanalysercomment() replaces offsets by the actual addresses. Note that if plugin creates its own comments of type NM_ANALYSE, it must encode each occurence of '<' which does not start the control field as '<<'.

Return values:

Length of comment in wide characters, not including the terminal null, or 0 if there is no analyser comment associated with addr

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